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The history of the Hotel Marqués de Vallejo goes hand in hand with that of different generations of my family and that to this day, it continues to maintain its link with the business and tourism world in La Rioja.

The beginning of this story dates back to 1911, when the building that houses our hotel was inaugurated.

It was in 1931 when it became Posada, although it was not identified by any name.

As is often the case, it was the clients who, because at the entrance there was a painting that represented the souls in purgatory, they began to call it “The souls of Purgatory.”

In 1933, my grandfather acquired it on a lease for a sister of his who lived in Gernika. His sister, who had just become a widow and who had been forced to close a soft drink business, traveled with her seven children to Logroño to take charge of the inn.

Upon arrival, the first major renovation of the establishment was carried out: the traditional mangers -which was where, until not many years ago, customers stayed with their saddles- disappeared, turning into stables, located on the ground floor with access through the San Juan street. After this first reform, the establishment was renamed “Posada de las Ánimas”.

In 1950, the building was acquired and the name changed again, becoming “Hotel Las Ánimas”.

In 1965 the hotel was run by my father. A work that he carried out until 1985, the date on which he was forced to close, as a result of an urban regulation that had existed for years and that made its more than necessary reform impossible.

In 1987, with the change of the urban planning law and the cancellation of the regulations that blocked the reforms, I assumed responsibility for the business, carrying out a profound transformation of the building that made it possible to reopen in 1989, with the name ‘Hostal Marqués de Vallejo ‘.

Later, in 1994, the establishment became a hotel and in 2004, a new reform and extension of the hotel was carried out, turning it into a cutting-edge hotel combining style and tradition.

Jaime García-Calzada Barrena. Owner